May 7, 2020


Beginning May 18, 2020, it is going to get really busy around Murray as we begin our road construction project. This project will move rather quickly so we ask that you be mindful of the workers, their equipment and drive with caution. Please make sure that you are not parking on the roadway or have anything close to the right of way. The milling, shaping and packing of the roads will be done in the following order:

  • 9th Street

  • 8th Street

  • 7th Street

  • Maple Street North of the railroad tracks

  • 5th Street

  • Sherman Street South of the railroad tracks

  • Maple Street South of the railroad tracks

  • 1st Street

  • Troy Street


We will be notifying everyone the order of chip seal prior to that work being done.




Denise Simmons 


City Administrator

Murray, Iowa 50174


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Murray Iowa, 50174


City Hall

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