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City Council Meetings


City Council meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month at 6pm at Murray City Hall. Agendas are posted no less than 24 hours in advance of the meeting on the bulletin board outside of city hall.  

Site Updated:

The City of Murray is excited to announce that the Dekko Foundation has once again chosen to invest in our community in the amount of $75,000 towards the Mustang Concession Restroom Facility. The founder of the Dekko Foundation, Mr. Dekko wanted to help communities help themselves. He felt that when local organizations and individuals contribute to a community amenity, they take pride in and help ensure its future success. For this reason, they have chosen to invest in the form of a pledge and cap grant to increase the community’s support of the project. They have invited us to take part in a dollar-for-dollar pledge of up to $25,000 of which they will allow $5,000 of what has already been raised to count towards that total amount. The $20,000 can either be in cash donations or it can be in in-kind labor or materials that will be used to build the Mustang Concession Restroom Facility. Once we have obtained that goal, we will receive $25,000 from the Dekko Foundation. When we have secured the remaining funds needed to complete the project as proposed, the Dekko Foundation will send an additional $50,000. They believe this project will be an asset to our community and support an environment where young people develop skills, knowledge, and character through sports and outdoor recreation. We are so appreciative of their continuous support of our community as with this grant they have invested a total of $575,000 into the Murray Rec Complex.

The City of Murray presented a Pillar's Application to the Clarke County Development. The Pillar's Application was for the money needed to complete the Murray Rec Complex Concession/Restroom as well as the sidewalks and ball field irrigation system. We are excited to announce that Clarke County Development awarded the City of Murray $50,758.51!!!!!

The Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds program which is a part of the American Rescue Plan was applied for on the city's behalf in July 2021. The City of Murray was awarded their maximum award of $104,614.62. This monetary award came with stipulations for use which can be found at

The city council has chosen to invest these funds in the following manner:

$21,250 for water meter endpoints

$28,450 for a sewer line for the Rec Complex

$54,914.62 for potential new housing infrastructure

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