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We now have the ability to take online debit/credit card payments for utility bills, utility deposits, permits and project donations. If you are paying for a permit or utility deposit make sure you complete the associated form below and remit to city hall for approval.

Utility payments must be made prior to 8am on the 24th of the month to not incur the $10 delinquent fee. Utility payments that are paid on the 1st of the month must be made prior to 8am to avoid having the water shut off.

Murray Utility Service Application

Murray requires that a deposit of $150.00 be made prior to utility service connection.
You can print this form and take it to City Hall or mail it with a check for $150.00. 

You can have your monthly utility payment automatically deducted from your account by completing the ACH Authorization form.

Murray Building Permit Application

Please read and follow all instructions on the first page of the application. 
There is a $50.00 dollar fee requirement at the time the permit it processed. 
You can print this from and take it to City Hall or mail it with a check for $50.00.
By law you are required to call Iowa One Call at 1-800-292-8989 to locate all water, sewer, phone, gas, and electric before you start any construction.

Murray Demolition Permit

There is no fee for processing a demolition permit. 

Prior to demolition you are required to cap of all water and sewer lines and notify the City of Murray. The water and sewer superintendent must inspect and approve work before lines are buried. 

All demolitions must be approved by the City Council before work begins. 

Murray Tax Abatement Application

Tax abatements can be used for:

New Construction - 10 year graduated or 3 year full

Additions to Existing Structure(s) - 5 year graduated

Rehabilitation of Existing Structure(s) - 5 year graduated

There is no fee to process a tax abatement application.

The City Council must approve the tax abatement.

Murray House / Building Moving Permit


There is a $10.00 fee for processing the House / Building Moving Permit. 

The City must have on file a penal bond in the minimum sum of ten thousand dollars issued by a surety company authorized to issue such bonds in the State of Iowa. 

The City must have on file a certificate of insurance indicating that the applicant is carrying public liability insurance in effect for the duration of the permit covering the applicant and all agents and employees for the following minimum amounts:

Bodily Injury - $50,000 per person; $100,000 per accident

Property Damage - $50,000 per accident

You can print this form and take it to City Hall or mail it with a check for $10.00.

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